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Safety Meets Creation:
Poured Rubber Surfacing & Flooring

A safe, eco-friendly, and injury-free surface made of high-tech polymer resin and rubber is a great option you can use for various indoor and outdoor areas, whether these are flooring for apartments, fitness centers, offices, playgrounds, pool decks, walking paths, parks zones, and many more. 

For our poured rubber surface we use durable materials that are free of fiber, plastic, or wood. With a high-quality rubber and UV stable resin combination you will get a stylish, soft, pleasant to touch, and easy to clean surface that will delight you for many years. 

Moreover, at SafeStep, we provide you with various color options, as well as custom color blends, which you can apply to make your surface unique, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and well suitable for its surroundings.

How It Works

Premium quality rubber and resin allow the creation of a long-lasting, safe, and fade-resistant surface to ensure you won’t meet any problems with your flooring. Due to these materials features, you can use rubber surfacing both as a single product, or subbase. Also, it has great footing and shock absorption characteristics and is easy to repair & clean.  

Rubber surfacing can apply over asphalt, concrete, stone, brick, wood, or steel, in other words, this type of surfacing is a really versatile option to create reliable and safe flooring for years! You may set various designs, configurations, or dimensions to get exactly what you want, due to material flexibility. 

The cross-section of flooring looks the next way: 

  • Cap layer (soft and colored material)
  • Impact layer (provide shock absorption)
  • Base (concrete, stone, or asphalt)
  • Soil or geotextile

With such a section you get a durable surface with high performance. 

Benefits You Get

Rubber flooring is a stylish and practical option to improve your outdoor or indoor spaces. With a unique design, well durability, and endurance it becomes both a great element in your interior/exterior and a reliable, soft surface with high functionality.         

Your Own Design

With a wide amount of colors and possible blends you can apply, rubber flooring is a great way to create your design in the way you want it.    

Safety Surfacing 

Rubber flooring has an anti-impact and slip-resistant protection, which means you can feel free about your safety when you are on it and also the possible damage the flooring may take.  

Durability & Practical

Materials that are used for flooring can serve you for years without any trouble. With UV protection and impact absorption, the color and surface condition remain the same just as the new ones. Also, rubber flooring is easy to clean, so it is well enough to use only soap and water.

Save Your Costs

The rubber surfacing is a cost-efficient way for your flooring. With its durability, it can please you for up to 15 years without any hassles and does not require expensive maintenance, which helps to save your costs.

Why Choose SafeStep?

Pool deck

At SafeStep, we provide our customers with a high-quality Poured-in-Place rubber flooring and safety surfacing installation starting in 2013. For these years we have got the necessary skills, experience, and knowledge to ensure you will get durable, safe, and pleasant flooring with a slip-resistant and impact protection surface. With our principal “Safety Meets Creation” you can both raise the bar on safety and get a design that you are creating on your own, based on your preferences. Just imagine the surface with any color you want and be sure we will make it for you in the best possible way!

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