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    SafeStep is an Expert in Poured-in-Place Rubber Flooring & Safety Surfacing Installation

    Among all options, poured in place rubber flooring is the most suitable solution for both outdoor and indoor spaces. The surface is made from a quality blend of EPDM and TPV products, which makes such flooring durable, safe, easily cleaned, and reliable. Poured rubber flooring is an excellent choice for public spaces, private pools, or garden areas.


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    When looking for a slip-resistant surface for your pool deck, pay attention to the poured rubber surface. We have creative solutions in various colors that will go along with any design. We can help you build a new pool area or renovate what you already have for more safe flooring for your family.

    Patios & Porches

    Improve the design of your patio with stylish but practical flooring. It’s super easy to clean from any dirt so that you can keep a nice image of your house or establishment. Add a rubber layer to your porch area for better durability and save money in the long run!

    Gym flooring

    Gym flooring

    Whether you need to renovate a workout room at your house or public gym, we’re here to help you! Safe Step provides durable flooring for recreational facilities with custom branding and unique color combinations to elevate your business.

    Garage flooring

    Garage flooring

    Resurface your garage with new reliable material that can withstand high-intensity activities such as constant car traffic. The best advantage of poured rubber flooring is how easy it is to take care of it.  It makes your garage look brand new every day!

    Safety is the main priority for playgrounds or school areas. To avoid serious injuries, choose poured in place rubber surfacing as it has a high level of slip resistance. We offer customized designs to place logos, games, school colors, etc.

    It’s important for the flooring to be safe and be able to withstand high wet conditions. Thankfully we have a solution for you that comes in any size and color.


    In Safe Step, we know the best option for high traffic areas, and it’s poured in place rubber. It’s an excellent, durable solution that will not tear under pressure.


    Great durable flooring for your community or neighborhood. We as well offer sidewalk design for a private estate.


    When it comes to public outdoor spaces, you want the surface to be safe, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. And we have just what you’re searching for!

    rubber_running _track_home

    Safe Step provides excellent rubber surfaces for running or cycling tracks. It’s practical and makes any physical activity easy to perform.  With us, you’ll find design options for road tracks, logos, signs, etc.

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    Poured Rubber Safety Surfaces - The Ultimate Top Coat Solution

    Poured in place rubber flooring surface is a top-quality material made of rubber granules that are easy to maintain in outdoor spaces and indoors. It’s soft to walk, play or exercise on. That is precisely what makes it the best choice for playgrounds or households for big families. Our clients choose poured rubber for long-lasting ability and reliability.


    SafeStep Makes Poured Rubber Flooring Ideal

    You can find a wide selection of rubber flooring options to fit your needs with us.


    The durability or material pays in the long run. With low-cost maintenance, you won’t spend much on constant renovations or resurfacing with low-cost maintenance.


    Material structure absorbs water, so there are no more slippery incidents. The rubber is softer than other flooring materials and made out of an environmentally friendly blend, which makes it safe for kids, adults, and pets.


    Easy maintenance and cleaning with only water and soap make rubber flooring the most practical choice for both indoor and outdoor areas.


    Another advantage is being flexible in design, something that concrete or stone cannot offer you. We can create any design you have in your mind, using logos, branding, color scheme, drawings, game plans, road marks, etc.

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