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Proper rubber surfacing can ensure the longevity, safety, and style of practically any indoor or outdoor facility. However, choosing the right rubber solutions and their provider might be overwhelming, given the many options and companies available. At SafeStep, our experienced and highly qualified team is always ready to provide comprehensive consultations and excellent installation. So, if you are thinking: “What are the best rubber floor installers near me?” or you simply need expert advice on the rubber flooring of your project, SafeStep is always here for you.

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      Choose Safe and Durable Rubber Surfacing Solutions from SafeStep

      Every playground, pool, gym, and many other facilities need to be safe and long-lasting, especially considering the amount of foot traffic they experience daily. At SafeStep, we ensure that all of our pout-in-place rubber flooring is installed to the highest safety and quality standards. Not only does it last for at least 10 years without any need for resurfacing, but it also provides phenomenal safety for any facility, being non-slip even when wet, soft, easy on joints, and comfortable to walk on.

      Indoor and Outdoor Rubber Surfacing by Our Team

      A well-installed rubber floor ensures exceptional durability and safety for a variety of applications. In addition to that, our rubber surfacing installers are particularly experienced with various surfaces. They can install our high-quality rubber flooring on almost any surface, including bricks, concrete, driveways, pool decks, patios, etc. If you are looking to create a safer space for yourself and your children at a playground or a pool, or you need driveway flooring that will last for ages without any sign of wear, SafeStep rubber flooring is just what you need.

      Core Benefits of Rubber Surface

      Long-term solution

      As stated before, poured-in-place (PiP) rubber is among the most long-lasting flooring materials. If installed properly, it can last for 10 or even more (up to 15!) without requiring too much maintenance. SafeStep PiP rubber surfacing is your choice if you want your flooring to last and not show notable signs of wear for many years. Moreover, most rubber nowadays is made of either natural or synthetic recycled rubber, making it a sustainable choice.


      We believe that safety is paramount in any flooring. Hence, all of our rubber floorings are non-slip, helping to prevent any slips, trips, and falls, even when they get wet, which is especially helpful for pool decks or other outdoor applications in rainy regions. In addition to that, despite being sturdy and durable, rubber is relatively soft, meaning that even if you fall, it will not cause any severe injury.


      Affordable and low-maintenance

      Despite what many people say, rubber flooring is one of the most cost-effective choices. Although the upfront cost might be higher than that of more traditional surfacing materials, rubber pays off in the long run due to its durability and low maintenance.


      Unlike some flooring like concrete, asphalt, or wood, rubber flooring is highly versatile and works for a considerable variety of surfacing applications. For instance, rubber surfacing solutions can be used for running tracks, gyms, patios, playgrounds, driveways, pool decks, etc.

      Easy and quick installatione

      Our team of rubber flooring experts can quickly and efficiently install the flooring on your playground, driveway, or anywhere else. In addition to that, even if it gets damaged, you can quickly seal the impaired segment by yourself with a DIY pour rubber granules repair kit, which is straightforward and available online. It also includes all the tools and the bond, meaning you don’t need to buy anything extra.

      Customizable colors & designs

      Rubber is among the most customizable flooring options in the market. It can come in various colors, patterns, and designs, fitting into virtually any environment. If you care about aesthetics, rubber is your universal choice.



      Rubber flooring doesn’t require frequent replacement or repairs; the only maintenance you need to do is make sure it is clean, which can be done by regular sweeping and occasional cleaning with water and mild soap.

      Our possibilities

      Poured-in-place rubber surfaces are ideal for pool decks due to their non-slip and heat-resistant qualities, unlike materials like asphalt. At SafeStep, we ensure that the rubber flooring we provide for your new or renovated pool deck is of the highest quality and fits in the overall design.

      Patios & Porches

      Rubber flooring for patios and porches is both practical and stylish. It doesn’t require a lot of upkeep, is easy to clean from dirt and debris, and holds its looks and integrity for years, even under heavy foot traffic.

      Gym flooring

      Gym flooring

      Both public and home gyms heavily rely on durable flooring that won’t get shredded under heavy loads. SafeStep provides sturdy rubber flooring that will last for ages and never cause discomfort during your workouts.

      The main issue with many traditional flooring surfaces is how dangerous they become when wet. Unlike them, rubber remains safe and non-slip, preventing any trauma or serious injury.

      Upgrade your driveway to a durable, low-maintenance solution with our rubber crumb solutions. Perfect for high-traffic areas, our poured-in-place rubber won’t crack or tear under pressure, ensuring a long-lasting and attractive entrance to your property.

      Looking for a durable rubber flooring option for your sidewalks? Look no further than SafeStep! We offer beautiful and functional rubber sidewalks perfect for both residential and commercial applications.  We can even help with sidewalk design for your private estate.

      Create safe, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain public walkways with our rubber trails and pathways. This rubber surfacing solution is ideal for parks, schools, and other outdoor spaces.

      Elevate your athletic training facility with high-performance rubber running tracks from SafeStep. Our shock-absorbent rubber flooring solutions provide excellent traction for both running and cycling. We offer various design options, including road track markings, logos, and informational signs, to customize your track to your specific needs.

      One of the main properties of a playground that would benefit the community is how safe the kids are there. Rubber meets all the fall height requirements, making it one of the most accessible surfacing options to install. By providing cushioned surfacing that can also be easily customized, we make sure that your play area will be the best one around!

      Why SafeStep for Premium Rubber Surface Installation

      The guarantee of practical rubber flooring is high-quality material and installation. At SafeStep, we are always ready to transform your facility with our highest-quality rubber flooring, which can accommodate any foot traffic, weather, and wear.


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      SafeStep Makes Poured Rubber Flooring Ideal

      You can find a wide selection of rubber flooring options to fit your needs with us.





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