Rubber Crumb Driveways

If you are in need of an alternative for your driveway surface, rubber crumb driveways are exactly what you are looking for! Such a rubber surface is not an old-fashioned one that you may remember from childhood. The rubber crumb surface is made of tire granules that are recycled before being used. It is a durable and slip-resistant material, which has a lot of advantages over tarmac driveways.

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    We provide rubber surface for driveways that is crack-free for years to come

    Why should you opt for rubber driveways? Our SafeStep company provides you with the best quality surface. Due to its various components, rubber surfaces are durable and keep their shape for a long time. Moreover, it is resistant to cracks, rust, corrosion, temperatures, and oil spillages.

    Where can you install rubber crumb driveways?

    The construction industry has gone so far that you can apply such a rubber driveway construction in different areas. Possible places to benefit from rubber surfaces are: home driveways, schools, sports and garden areas, athletic tracks, playgrounds, sports courts, boat decks, and the like.

    Benefits of rubber crumb driveways

    There are various advantages and benefits of constructing rubber crumb driveways. Even your existing driveway can be modified with the help of rubber crumb material. That is, your existing surface can be covered with a better alternative so that you can experience all its benefits.


    Setting a rubber driveway guarantees you a safe, slip-resistant surface. Our SafeStep team cares a lot about human health.

    Eco-friendly & recycled

    Rubber crumb material is made from recycled tyres. Our company is aware of all environmental issues. That is why we prefer eco-friendly components.


    In addition to other benefits, rubber driveways are considered a cheaper alternative than, for example, asphalt, concrete, or tarmac driveways. It is cheaper in both cases - for laying a new surface or modernizing an existing one. With a stable base, you may save even more.

    Rubber Crumb Driveways


    With a rubber crumb driveway, you may forget about cracking, rust, or any damages caused by salt, oil, or another external factor. Moreover, the rubber component used in this type of construction helps you avoid any erosion or burning while skidding along the driveway.

    Easy to set

    To build a rubber driveway, you don’t need to put much effort. If the base is firm (e.g., concrete or tarmac), you just check out the height and cover it with a rubber one. Though, with an unstable base, the only thing you have to prepare before setting a rubber surface is to line up the floor and check the required height. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

    Fully guaranteed

    Our SafeStep team is sure to say that you get the high-quality rubber component for your driveway surfacing—Long-lasting, safe and eco-friendly.

    Reinvent your driveway today

    If you are looking for driveway products, don’t hesitate to opt for rubber crumb driveways. You will be able to enjoy all its benefits, durability, eco-friendliness, cost-efficiency, beautiful design and colors,  and create a unique property with a particular style!

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