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    What Is A Rubber Sidewalk?

    Rubber sidewalks are far from being a novelty. Furthermore, since their development, they have proved to be convenient, durable, and pleasant to look at. It is also quite valuable that rubber sidewalks are an environmentally friendly solution that does not harm nature or the people around as concrete sidewalks do.


    A Wise And Sustainable Solution To Cracked Sidewalks

    One of the biggest problems that sidewalks cause is cracked sidewalks. It is not only unpleasant but can actually cause injury. Rubber sidewalks, therefore, are designed to be flexible enough to avoid any cracking and last longer without any repair. A rubber sidewalk saves cities’ budgets and their citizens’ health. Therefore, public work departments can dedicate time and money to other significant problems they can solve, and citizens are not constantly bothered by the noise that endless renovations continuously produce.

    Made with recycled rubber tires

    One of the reasons that allows us to call this solution environmentally effective is that rubber sidewalks are made from recycled rubber tires and recycled crumb rubber. To be more specific, they are made from recycled tires, which solves the problem of their utilization. You can imagine how much litter it actually produces, so tackling this issue is a valuable advantage that attracts a lot of attention from those who are concerned about the planet. This type of recycling also influences the price of sidewalk installation as the materials are not as expensive. Therefore, you get a much better solution for a much lower price.


    Rubber sidewalks that are flexible and long-lasting

    As was mentioned above, the main reason why rubber sidewalks are likely to leave traditional ones far behind is their durability. Rain or excessive heat has minimal impact on their surface. A rubber sidewalk helps save time and money on any reconstruction or renovation because of its rainfall capacity, which is also quite pleasant. These are as annoying as they are time-consuming. Nobody wants to find the road blocked by vehicular traffic on their way to work, and nobody wants to hear perforators when they open windows. This solution can, therefore, help avoid a lot of unwanted fuss. Any renovation of traditional concrete sidewalks that requires using various machines is also harmful to ecology as these appliances usually pollute the environment and tree roots.


    Where Rubber Sidewalk Can Be Used

    Nowadays, rubber sidewalk is used in all kinds of places where safety is a priority because they are not slippery, do not have cracks, and do not include any toxic components. Therefore, a rubber sidewalk is often a replacement for wracked concrete sidewalks. It is an excellent choice for any urban or residential area, preformed pavers, places close to health institutions or schools, parks, and recreational zones.
    Generally speaking, there is no place that would not benefit from applying rubber sidewalks as an ecologically sustainable solution. Most new areas are designed by people that care about what the site looks like and use this state-of-the-art approach. Obviously, we all want to avoid creating hazardous places that can increase the number of injuries.

    Advantages of rubber sidewalks

    First of all, a rubber sidewalk is cost-effective as it creates a possibility for cities to omit paying and wasting time for constant renovations that usual sidewalks require. Second of all, rubber is great from the perspective of public safety concerns and comfortable for pedestrians because it is always smooth and not slippery, so one does not have to look down when they are walking. Third, a rubber sidewalk is a great green initiative supported by all people that care about the environment as they significantly reduce root heave. Using recycled materials helps solve two problems at once: tire utilization and overproduction. Lastly, it looks much better than any alternative.

    Pour in place rubber flooring

    Why choose rubber sidewalks from SafeStep

    When all these factors are taken into consideration, it is easy to see that installing rubber sidewalks is the ultimate solution for any public space. Our sidewalks are made with rubber granules which are the next step in the development of our cities that will make the citizens’ lives better and safer. Choose SafeStep for high-quality rubber sidewalks.

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