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The variety of choices makes us think twice before opting for the best option. However, rubber running tracks do not make you have any second thoughts! Such running tracks let you exercise safely on a non-slip surface.

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    Rubber running tracks from SafeStep

    Our SafeStep team offers a wide range of rubber running tracks, which may fit at any place at your home or schools, recreation centers, military bases, campuses, and other communities. 

    The huge benefit of SafeStep rubber running tracks is that they create conditions for runners and athletes to exercise safely. Still, at the same time, they support wheelchairs, bicycles, and even strollers.

    If you are looking for a resilient running track surface for doing all types of physical fitness, our running tracks are what you need. Among all other benefits, you get a product with the option of quick drying and proper stormwater management. Briefly speaking, by reaching out to SafeStep, you get your ideal rubber running track that will serve for years to come.

    Rubber running track options

    The rubber running track options are divided into two main groups: single-layer and dual-layer running tracks.

    Single-layer rubber running tracks

    This type of jogging trail is easy to install and is perfect for jogging, walking, and overall physical fitness.

    Dual-layer rubber running tracks

    Dual-layer jogging trails are suitable for the same types of activities as single-layer ones. However, their construction makes it possible to support a wheelchair, bicycle, or stroller.


    What material do we use for single-layer trail rubber running track surfaces?

    Our rubber running tracks made of a single layer are created using recycled crumb rubber granules. It provides for rapid drainage and good traction. 

    Material we use for rubber trails with a dual-layer

    These running tracks are constructed from recycled post-consumer rubber. It is covered with a color layer, which we get from virgin rubber.

    Both types of jogging trails allow for durable usage, UV resistance, affordable options, and beautiful and colorful designs.

    Advantages of our product

    The correct system of construction of SafeStep rubber running tracks leads to various advantages of our product:

    • Safe and non-slip surface
    • Comfortable for all types of physical fitness activities
    • Low-impact on joints due to resilience
    • Porous surface
    • Flexible
    • Eco-friendly and recycled
    • Many design and color options

    Do not set aside the time when you get one and experience all its benefits!


    The list may go on and on. However, the main advantage of rubber running tracks, in comparison with asphalt surfaces, is that the rubber one protects athletes from shin splints, problems with hips and joints, as well as from lower back pain from repeatedly pounding the hard surface. As with special rubber particles that our tracks are made of, we are able to install a surface that is soft and secure even for repeated exercising on it.

    What is more, you get to choose from a single-layer system as well as a dual one that creates extra benefits for supporting wheelchairs, bicycles, and strollers.

    So, do not set aside the time when you get your rubber running track from the SafeStep team and experience all these benefits yourself!

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