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      Enhance your running experience with SafeStep rubber running tracks

      SafeStep offers top-of-the-line rubber running tracks to enhance your jogging experience. Whether you’re a seasoned sportsman or a casual jogger, our rubberized running tracks will give you everything you need for effective training and your best athletic performance.


      What makes rubberized running tracks a popular choice?

      Rubber tracks for running have become the preferred choice for athletic facilities and recreational areas due to their numerous benefits. Here's what sets them apart:
      • Safe and Resilient Running: Rubberized track surfaces provide superior resilient running. The recycled rubber construction absorbs impact, reducing stress on your joints and minimizing the risk of injuries.
      • Non-Slip Surface: Rubber running track surfaces are known for their exceptional non-slip properties, ensuring traction all the time. Due to their superb friction, rubber is the most beloved material by both amateur and professional athletes.

      All-Weather Performance: Rubber tracks are built to withstand any weather conditions. They are UV resistant, preventing sun damage, and, to add to that, their permeable pavement allows for rapid drainage, ensuring even better performance when wet than any other material.

      How are rubber athletic tracks made?

      SafeStep’s rubber tracks utilize a multi-stage process:

      1. Base Preparation: The groundwork is laid to ensure proper drainage and a stable foundation.
      2. Layering: Depending on the chosen track type (single or dual-layer), recycled rubber granules are bonded with solid polyurethane dispersion to create a seamless surface.
      3. Texturizing: The top layer is textured to provide optimal traction and performance.
      4. Curing: The installation finishes with the curing process, in which the material hardens, reaching its maximum strength and durability.

      Rubber running track options

      Single-layer running tracks

      These tracks are ideal for jogging trails and general fitness applications. They consist of a single layer of recycled crumb rubber granule, providing a comfortable and resilient running surface.

      Dual-layer running tracks

      Designed for athletic use, these tracks feature a two-layer construction. A base layer absorbs shock, while the top layer provides optimal traction and ensures comfort while running. This multi-layer design is ideal for facilities hosting competitive events.


      Material we use for running track surfacing

      SafeStep prioritizes quality and sustainability in our track construction. We utilize recycled rubber crumb granules as the primary material for our rubber tracks. This recycled material offers excellent shock absorption and resilience, making it ideal for safe and comfortable running while remaining eco-friendly.

      Color options for rubber jogging tracks

      At SafeStep, we fully understand the importance of the aesthetics of your running track besides its practicality. Whether you prefer the classic red associated with athletic tracks or desire a more vibrant hue to match your facility's design, we have you covered, as our rubber is available in black, red, blue, yellow, and any other color you wish. Our color pigments are UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting color vibrancy for your track.

      Advantages of our product

      Here's what makes SafeStep your go-to provider for rubber running tracks:
      • Safe and Comfortable Running: Our tracks prioritize runner safety and comfort with resilient surfaces and non-slip properties.
      • Durable and Long-lasting: Rubber tracks are built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions, offering a long-lasting, low-maintenance solution.
      • Environmentally-Friendly: SafeStep utilizes recycled rubber, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
      • Customizable Design: We offer various thickness options, color choices, and single or dual-layer configurations to suit your specific needs.

      Why choose SafeStep company for the rubber running track installation

      Beyond superior products, SafeStep provides exceptional customer service:

      • Expert Installation: Our team ensures a seamless and professional installation process for your rubber running track.
      • Versatility: SafeStep tracks are specifically designed to offer pedestrians and joggers a comfortable and safe space for exercise. They are also able to support wheelchairs and bicycles as well, making them ideal for multi-use facilities.
      • Wide Range of Applications: SafeStep tracks are perfect for schools, recreation centers, military bases, community centers, and corporate campuses.
      • Easy Maintenance: Rubber tracks are some of the easiest to maintain. Their porosity allows for quick cleaning and drying, minimizing maintenance requirements. You only need to regularly sweep away the debris and occasionally clean them with water and mild soap.

      No need to wait any longer – elevate the effectiveness and comfort of your running tracks today! Contact us or request a quote today to install our state-of-the-art rubber tracks in your facility and make it a haven for any athlete or casual jogger.

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