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Rubber pathways and trails are convenient to use because they are not slippery at all and look great in basically any surroundings. They are also durable, eco-friendly, and good-looking. Rubber trail also makes spaces more inclusive as it is comfortable for wheelchairs

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      What you should know about rubber trails & pathways

      It is a great solution both from the perspective of a safe resilient surface. Thus, both people and the environment will benefit from it. Also, rubber trails & pathways do not ruin the general appearance of public places but rather fit into and blend with their surroundings. Therefore, this trail is perfect for parks and recreation centers, educational and medical institutions, residential areas, and urban sights.

      Rubber trail options

      There are various kinds of rubber trails:
      • pervious pavement trails
      • rubber rock trails
      • dual-layer trails
      • bound rubber mulch trails
       Different types will be perfect for various purposes.

      Pervious Pavement Rubber Trails

      This system is very commonly spread for various reasons. First of all, this rubber pathway is very simple to install. Secondly, it looks very similar to asphalt, so it will not stand out and look great in any place in a city. Thirdly, it decreases the possibility of flooding because of rapid rainwater dispersion. The best part is that pervious pavement is made entirely from used materials such as recycled tires.

      Dual Layer Rubber Trails

      This type of trail is also made of recycled rubber and includes a layer of new rubber that is painted a specific color. Therefore, it is highly resistant to any influence and has good traction regardless of water and heat influence. One of their advantages is that dual-layer trails can have different colors and looks.

      Bound Rubber Mulch Trails

      Bound Rubber Mulch is usually preferred by people who want to achieve a harmonic look that fits in natural surroundings. They also guarantee quick drying and have an ergonomic surface. You can find this kind of trail in recreational spaces and public facilities.

      Where we can install rubber path and trail

      Most materials used for rubber walking pathsare recycled. Experts of SafeStep create high-quality rubber that can guarantee long-lasting usage, as well as correct installation. As a result, you get a seamless system that looks great, does not harm the environment, and makes the spaces where they are used much more accessible for all kinds of movement.

      Advantages of our product

      There are many benefits of using rubber paths and trails:

      • they are much safer than any other materials
      • it is a safe and attractive option
      • from an environmentally friendly perspective, this kind of trail is excellent as it uses recycled materials
      • they are cost-efficient as their durability allows you to avoid replacements in poured-in places.

      Material we use for the rubber trail

      SafeStep works with all kinds of rubber surfacing products. You can visit our website to learn more about the topic and choose the cover you like. Then just contact us for the installation of rubber flooring and enjoy safety and comfort.

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